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"St.Lewis excels in a series of smallish collages, a mix of pop and classical image cut up and sandwiched between sheets of glass. Touched up with paint and displayed in ornate frames they have, thanks to their layers, more gloss and depth than most collages."
D. Eric Bookhardt
Gambit Weekly, New Orleans

"The glass collages - mostly photographic portraits made on acetate layered over glass- incorporate layerings of images such as florals, butterflies, visual quotes from classical paintings and even dollar bills. This medium seems most successful in conveying St.Lewis' conceptual ideas.

Here he works in pairs or triptychs, but manipulating each image separately to achieve varying emotional shadings. This image repetition is a Warholian concept, but St.Lewis works each image carefully, by hand, with a completely different intent. These devotional collages are consistently St.Lewis best crafted, most cogent, easy-to-take works."
Michelle Natale, Spectator Magazine

"Louis St.Lewis' collages are beautiful and beautifully made".

Doug McCash, The Times Picayune, New Orleans