Louis St. Lewis

Louis St.Lewis, Artist - Designer - Bon Viveur

" an uncanny mix of Sex, Glamour and Antiquity, St.Lewis melds surrealist mystery with the pop pulsations of alternative rock"

D. Eric Bookhardt,
New Orleans Gambit Weekly

St. Lewis' artistic precociousness was noticed early on and he was enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Program at Western Carolina University at age 12. He attended Stanford University as well as the North Carolina School of the Arts where he was chosen for a special fine arts curriculum. The works of Louis St. Lewis are included in several notable museum collections, among them are The Ogden Museum for Southern Art, The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Morris Museum of Southern Art, The Masur Museum of Art, The Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina and the Wellington B. Gray Gallery of Eastern Carolina University.. He has been praised by legendary artists Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana and Judy Chicago and is represented in a bevy of notable private collections both here and abroad.

Louis St. Lewis has been the subject of over 100 stories in all media from print, film to internet. His artworks have been seen or reviewed in countless publications including ARTFORUM, ARTPAPERS, THE SUN, THE NEW YORK TIMES, as well as a plethora of regional publications.


" It's like Hieronymous Bosch meets MTV"

Andy Warhol

"St.Lewis' spirituality is a union of faith and science anchored in sensory
experience.And for all of his technological, semiotic and esthetic talents,
his greatest weapon is ecstacy itself"

Robert Indiana

"Louis St.Lewis is a man of great original style! He is artistic sable in a world filled with rabbit"

Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large VOGUE Magazine

" Louis St.Lewis sets a very high standard for experimental artists in North Carolina. His assemblage are the strongest I have seen anywhere in decades".

Judy Chicago upon awarding St.Lewis 1st prize at the 51st DAG juried art competition

" Louis St.Lewis is the consumate showman. Those who think that art,
buisiness and showmanship cannot go hand in hand should take a few
lessons. He is a student of the marketplace and of art history and he has a body of work that is staggering"

Blue Greenberg, Durham
Morning Herald

( St.Lewis')" Assemblages are part Louise Nevelson, Louise Bourgeois "
personages" and Marisol, with a healthy dose of African Nkisi
references thrown is"

Michelle Natale, The News &

" One of the most talented artists to arise from that moss-covered Gothic chrysalis called the South."
Anne Heller, ARTPAPERS

" St.Lewis is lush, enigmatic and self referencing through suggestion
displaying art and life intertwined"
Tom Jones, Danville Museum of

" He is a true media child, It's very interesting to me to see the whole
Orwellian-Barburian-Warholian phrophesy come true in the person of
Louis St.Lewis"

Kate Dobbs Ariail, The Charleston Post and Courier

" I like his uncanny mixture of pop culture and high art, of the mythic and the personal, of engagement with the erotic, and a certain nonchalant approachto it all, very much in keeping with the attitude of the post-modern."

Max Halperen, Spectator Magazine

"As a conceptual artist, he is a total package, if people were electrical
current, Louis St. Lewis would definately be HIGH VOLTAGE"

Mark Sloan, Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston

"In the cultured manner of a tasteful dandy, st Lewis pushes style, teasing us rather than assaulting the viewers senses"
Linda L. Brown

"St. Lewis recognizes that to understand the present, you must know the past. His works are a pointed reminder that myths are the stories of our quest through the ages for meaning and truth; and that mythology can provide clues to the problems and issues we face as a society today. For St. Lewis, mythology is the guidepost in his own search for answers; and while each work makes clear reference to the source from which they are drawn, the stories are rescripted to satisfy his own fantasies and interests."

-Tom W. Jones
Director of the Museum of the Southwest

"Renowned for his glamorous style"
Tammy Grubb, News & Observer